Vault \Vôlt\ v. :To jump or leap over, especially with the aid of a support such as the hands.

Vaults are the most common form of movement in Free Running (Next to the Acrobatics) creating the basis of the discipline. Vaults are movements used to get over an object. Vaults are commonly used on gates, fences, walls, trash cans, bike racks and tables. Vaults can also be used on walls. Vault's can be catergorized into 3; Beginner Vaults, Intermediate Vaults, and Advanced Vaults all dependant on your skill level.

Vaults are just names to communicate with each other easier. No one is limited to these movements, you can combine to vaults, create your own or only do the ones you like. Follow your own way. These Vaults have been categorized by assumption, an which most beginner Free Runners should begin to learn and then move up to learn the next. If they so choose. Remember to practice and to get out their.

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Beginner Vaults Edit

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